About the Foundations

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Foundations for nature

The Aage V. Jensen Foundations comprise one international and two Danish Foundations – all working for nature conservation and wildlife protection. This webpage shows examples of the multiple activities initiated or sponsored by the Foundations over the years. It provides a general view of the natural areas owned by the Foundations and an insight into the multiple nature conservation ideas and visions that the Foundations aim to implement.

The primary objective of the Foundations is to conserve, protect, and develop nature and its values, and to make these accessible and visible to the public. The Foundations support building and conveying knowledge of nature to people of all ages. The key vision is to give everybody a chance to experience a rich and varied nature – today and in future.

Aage V. Jensen Nature Foundation

Aage V. Jensen Nature Foundation supports a wide range of nature projects in Denmark within research, popularization of natural sciences, and activities that stimulate public appreciation of nature. The Foundation has acquired some of the most important natural areas in Denmark and initiated and implemented a focused nature restoration and conservation plan for the benefit of both present and future generations, followed up by a dedicated information campaign.

The management and development of the natural areas are planned in cooperation with local authorities, NGOs and experts, and all efforts are carefully prioritized.

Aage V. Jensen’s Foundation

Aage V. Jensen’s Foundation sponsors projects in both Denmark and Greenland – primarily the publication of a large number of books as well as information and educational initiatives.

Aage V. Jensen Charity Foundation

Aage V. Jensen Charity Foundation operates internationally and sponsors numerous large and small scale projects in many countries. The Foundation is committed to conserving, protecting and developing natural values, and great importance is attached to ensuring a long viability for all projects through cooperation with international organisations, national and regional authorities, and local NGOs.