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The primary objective of Aage V. Jensen Naturfond is:

Nature conservation and wild animal protection

The Foundation sponsors only projects in Denmark. In concordance with its statutes the Foundation aims to achieve its objective by:

  • acquiring, owning, managing and developing natural areas,
  • undertaking and sponsoring restoration and conservation projects both in natural areas owned by the Foundation and other natural areas,
  • sponsoring research and communication projects related to the conservation and development of nature and wild animal protection in Denmark.

Sponsoring may be provided both in the form of activities initiated by the Foundation or in the form of donations, loans or similar to external recipients.

Vision, mission and values

To ensure the optimal use of donations for nature conservation projects the Board has evaluated and defined the Foundation’s strategies and working methods.

The key vision for the Aage V. Jensen Naturfond is:

to preserve, protect, develop and publicize Danish natural values through collaboration on important nature projects

In the assessment, development and evaluation of projects external experts are consulted, and great importance is attached to specialist evaluations and cooperation with national and regional authorities, environmental organisations and local NGOs.

The Foundation considers it of great importance for nature conservation to open the eyes of the public to all the values nature has to offer.

The Foundation’s mission:

to give everyone in Denmark opportunity to experience a rich and varied nature – today and in future